Expressions and Fear! My 2021 in a wrap

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This year(2021) feels surreal! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I moved back to my city beautiful ( I moved back to India amid covid in Aug 2020) , and what a year it has been on all levels- emotional, professional, personal!

I spent almost 6 years in the UK, and while I had everything, I couldn’t escape from the emptiness inside. I always thought it was because of the tough breakup I had to go through. Boy, could I have been more wrong? I was just craving a safe space, where I could let my soul out, express and confront my deepest desires and fears. And this space is not a particular person, it never is!

I met two most wonderful people this year. And I can safely say time is just too overrated. These two have become a part of my life like they were there all along.

And professionally, saying this year was incredible is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, it was mad challenging and there were phases where it all seemed too difficult to take, but it marked the start of a long-held dream . Start of this year I was sitting at my desk, trying to focus on my job and miserably failing at it, all the while thinking of starting my own business. But I was clueless as to what I really wanted and where to begin. And as I write this in December, 12 months later, I can vouch for all those sayings by smart men and women who emphasize on taking the leap. I took the leap, and all the pieces start to fall in place, one at a time. I gathered the courage to drop my job and start my own venture. It is called Terafac Technologies ( more details to follow soon :)). Those who know me can possibly do a better job at explaining what it means to me. There are so many more challenegs to come, but I’m only looking forward to embrace them.. the satisfaction of breaking the barriers is unmatched!

There are a few incredibly important things I’ve learnt this year:

Expressions are important, we are but the expressions of our mind and soul. We are taught to hide our feeling, our thoughts, our desires. I say we go out and express. The more authentic we get, the more connected we are to our inner self. Expressions bring about empowerment, they manifest our thoughts in the universe and what was just a seed in our grey matter suddenly becomes a part of this universe, a powerful force of nature reflected back at us.

And Fear, it is the manifestation of what-ifs, the scenarios gone wrong all concocted in our head. These scenarios don’t exist but they sure prevent us from taking that first step towards realizing our dreams. Why are we humans so scared of the unknown??

We are all just prisoners here, of our own device! निर्भय भव: ( Be fearless)

I hope to carry these two learning with me as we enter 2022 in a few hours. I’ll try to be more expressive and fearless and hope to inspire those around me to be so!

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